tilting at windmills: don quixote

colourful aluminium art

I clearly identify with the man from La Mancha. I constantly take on the windmills of my mind, battle giants, get knocked down and return with renewed vigour.  For some bizarre reason, the words ‘it’s not possible’ or ‘it won’t work’ are like red rags to a bull, and each time I hear them I place the basin back on my head and charge full pelt into the challenge. My dismayed friends play the part of Sancho Panza and pick up the pieces afterwards. Unlike Humpty Dumpty, they seem to be successful at repairing me, before I rush off for my next foray into the great unknown.  

Don Quixote is synonymous with the absurdity and nobility of human nature. A person gone astray. He is bewildered by the demons that he sees. He rescues damsels in distress and takes on the challenges of the world. He is mad but fearless, proud, yet humble. He is admired for his bravery, yet mocked for his delusions. I suspect that I am not the only person out there who can see the Don Quixote in themselves. Hence the mirror – that way, we can see who our biggest battle is with. Ourselves. 

This piece is available from Coldstream Gallery Ulmarra.

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Don was an early cut out aluminium experiment. I had him CNC cut, as I didn’t own the right equipment at the time (oh how things have changed!). I placed acrylic mirror behind open sections, such as the windmill paddles and part of his beard. The rest was airbrushed in coloured acrylic with black ink linework.

3mm thick brushed aluminium 80cm x 104cm   |   6.9kg
Timber baton across back with wire string. No frame required.
Available at Coldstream Gallery, Ulmarra NSW

Portrait of Don Quixote
The aluminium cutout before I launched my attack.
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