colourful mirror art

This portrait is a response to a woeful, booze imbued tale involving ladders, axes and a clock that only tells the time twice a day…

It all started with a bottle of something spiritual and a bleakness of mood. As the evening progressed, and the clock overhead failed to tell the time correctly yet again, my subject became enraged. By the wee hours of the morning, the clock’s audacity got the better of him, and he climbed a ladder, dragged the damn thing down and attempted to jam its oversized face into the wheelie bin out the front. Alas, fuelled by alcohol and rage, the cunning plan was difficult to execute. The clock was outrageously big and wouldn’t fit. Infuriated, my half naked friend enlisted the help of his axe and smashed time to smithereens before shoving its sorrowful remnants into the  bin. And that is how the fabric of time was destroyed…

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A large round mirror was stripped back from the rear to create a large semi transparent mirror. The mirror was then cut into segments and placed over another round mirror with colourful artwork applied.

Airbrushed acrylic and hand brushed enamel on 6mm round mirror, with segmented 3mm mirror over the top.

75cm x 76cm mirror  |  9.1kg
Timber baton across back with wire string. No frame required.
Available for viewing

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