Colourful concrete art

A play on words, and a play on imagery. This substantial piece of coloured concrete swirls and twirls with dichroic glass and mother of pearl inlays. The painted mirror reflects and the aluminium shimmers. Is it possible to rationalise the visual confusion? Is it necessary to rationalise it, or should we just enjoy the moment?

Delusions in Light, Maelstrom and Order in Disorder are similar experiments in colourful abstraction using mixed media.

Coloured concrete was moulded over rubber forms so that aluminium and mirror could be inlaid later. The concrete was polished, mirror coloured with acrylic ink and enamel brushwork. The aluminium was acid etched and the piece assembled. The entire surface was then worked over with enamel detailing.

78cm x 74cm  |  8.2kg
Timber baton across back with wire string. No frame required.
Available for viewing

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