The 13th Floor Elevators

Darren ‘the pizzeria’ Caswell introduces us to the psychedelic, jug wielding phenomena that was the 13th Floor Elevators
A true inspiration for those wishing to ascend all thirteen floors in the flight from rationalism to the absurd via tetracyclic transport. There are no limits for those who wish to fly.

The Three Eyed Men

“You’re gonna wake up one morning when the sun greets the dawn…”
Austin, Texas, circa 1965
Enter, Psychadelic Jug Band The 13th Floor Elevators…

With Stacey Sutherland’s guitar channelling Buddy Holly through a bucket bong, Tommy Hall’s burbling, liquid helium water feature jug vocalisations and a rhythm section lifted from a downstairs cajun jazz dive as a soundtrack, Roky Erikson’s strident vocals tell of man’s place in the infinity of time and dimension and the possibility of transcendence through the mundane to the divine for any willing to take the trip.

From Hillbilly Proto Punk to deep Primordial Gothic, their lyrics reveal a true effort to reach the heart of reality and a significant distance travelled in that direction.
But, three studio albums chronicle the fatal belief that LSD is a true elevator to the thirteenth floor.

As detailed as their vision of the multiverse may be, there’s a high price to pay for taking the acid tollway through the rhythm. Enlightenment can only ever be seen in the rear view mirror…
“May the circle remain unbroken”