Ursula Kelly: Adventures at GOMA

2015-04-18 16.03.32Ursula has been hiding away the past few months preparing for her own exhibition – with 100 raku seagulls about to descend, even Alfred Hitchcock would be twitchy! She snuck up to Brisbane one weekend for a well earned break from her creative endeavours to see the Michael Parekowhai exhibition. This is her reaction.

I just loved seeing the Michael Parekowhai exhibition. He tells a spectacular story about his homeland and the invasion of the white people, both into New Zealand and Australia.

He makes the viewer think about our preference for expensive artwork over mother nature’s magnificent trees. An imposing statue of Captain Cook depicts a pompous traditional English gentleman and a white coloured business man crawling up to the ceiling. Fascinating and very peculiar!!! Each room is packed full of ideas for us to reflect upon as human beings. It explores how we become intoxicated by objects and crap we simply don’t need for our survival.

I found the exhibition incredibly moving and urge anyone with the an iota of humanity to experience this incredible visual statement.