red orange yellow green blue indigo violet, seven wavelengths of light our eyes are designed to detect. Yet the cosmos is pinging with frequencies from microwave to radio wave, x-ray and beyond.

Is it impossible to imagine that the universe itself consists of many more dimensions than the four we’re most familiar with ? From dimensions of time & space to dimensions of universal mind & conscious .

Perhaps our sub-conscious mind is connected to the omnimind  like an inbuilt transdimensional switchboard & our dreams are a direct experience of the multiverse where all time & potential exist all at once like an imploding fractal kaleidoscope.

Yet our conscious mind of concentration & mindful contemplation of the tiniest of details, is this the experience of a fundamental connection to the hidden planes of universal awareness? Is freedom from thought the ultimate freedom of thought & mindless mindfulness the clearest connection to the zentotal of reality?             shuzbut                        nanoo nanoo.                         please read our mind IS CAPABLE OF concen…