When do you call yourself an Artist?

I recently read a ‘letter to the editor’ in an art magazine, where a mother who dabbles with paints, was complaining because she had received a letter asking if she, as an artist, would enter a competition.
Her daughter had spent years earning a degree in Fine Art and she felt deserved to be called ‘an artist’, where the mother felt it was inappropriate for herself to be called one. So, when do you call yourself an artist?

When you earn your living from it? Few artists ever do.
When you teach or tutor? There is the old adage – those that can’t, teach.
Do have a day job to support your ‘real art’?
When you study and have letters after your name?

For many years I simply called myself a painter and sculptor, I didn’t really believe I was ‘an artist’.
Of late, when I have called myself an artist, I often get a disbelieving look or a look of awe comes across their face.

What’s so special about being an artist anyway? It’s just a job after all.