Wood Lithography – Sandra Woolard on serendipity and ink

WoodLithography-by-Sandra-Woolard-mailchimpIt was serendipity in action when I casually looked in at the Point Lookout Hall, North Stradbroke Island last weekend. “Lines in the Sand” was a one day creative workshop. Some of it was for young people as well as several master classes for adults.

Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura (from Queensland College of Art) was giving the one day workshop on Wood Lithography.

I had no experience at all with Wood Lithography so leapt in boots and all. Jenny had prepared marine plywood and I drew on it with an oil based pen and also tried to ‘carve’ into the plywood – challenging because of the grain in the wood. The process then continued not unlike etching but using printers ink and layers of water – water resisting the oil and vice-versa. We used an etching press using similar pressure to that of a wood block.

My resulting prints are not terrific but the process was exciting and I will be trying again with a little more planning on my part!