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contemporary art

Explore my diverse and colourful world of experimental artwork and story telling. A kaleidoscope of colour, reflections and materials, my contemporary art is a combination of line, form, mirror, aluminium, copper, concrete and my slightly warped imagination.


art commissions

There is nothing more rewarding than being entrusted with another’s vision and permitted to transform it into a modern artwork. It is a privilege and every opportunity that is offered to me is a chance to challenge and extend my creativity in unexpected ways.


décor fusion

A collaboration between Damian Berrili and myself, Décor Fusion is collection of artistic work that crosses the line between art and functionality. From decorative mirrors, polished concrete bowls and lazy susans, through to exquisite furniture design combining timber, concrete and resin.



My multidisciplinary background in design enables me to incorporate artistic skills with functional aesthetics. I work closely with architects and other professionals to produce designs for fabrication as well as handmade creations, all within structural guidelines and constraints.

Hi Ilia, I absolutely adore the art piece. I love it even more than I thought I would. It hangs proudly in the front foyer of my modern home which is full of art - with your piece in the prime location. Love your art, Pete

Ruby Tuesday

original portraits

... an artist Ilia Chidzey ...has created this AMAZING MASTERPIECE for me out of mirror, glass, aluminium, concrete and of course paint...
I am soooooooo GRATEFUL... Thanks!
Mark Anthony

Past | Present | Future

Aluminium art

Ruby arrived in perfect shape! Just finished opening looks stunning - cameras cannot capture the colours or the dynamic light changes that are constant on the textures as your perspective or lighting changes! Video helps but nothing like having it in front of you!

Ruby Tuesday

Art commissions

I LOVE this art in my office ... do you realise a part of YOU lives in a "Shrink's" office? J 🙂 🙂 Dr Jeff Adams

Write or Flight

Commission art

We briefed Ilia , to produce 2 Aluminium Creations for a large penthouse project in Adelaide. We, as designers , were very impressed with Ilia’s efficiency , work ethics and of course , her talent. Her art is beautiful , detailed and energetic!!!! Our client , also thought Ilia’s pieces were stunning…..commissioning a 3rd piece , after receiving the original 2. It , was even more stunning!!!!!! We are excited to continue working with Ilia on future projects.
From the Resortium Team

Realms of Desire

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Realms of Desire
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