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Visual Emporium is a collective of fine artists, illustrators and designers, dedicated to the pursuit of visual excellence. Explore the following pages and discover a diverse range of exceptional artwork, design and mediums. Our artists offer services ranging from design, art commissions and workshops through to art tours. We hope you enjoy the results of our creativity. Simply contact us if you would like to learn more about any artwork or services or let us know what you have created or are offering. Just click on the thumbnails below to see more of each artist’s work.


Jonathon Goodfellow has completed his first solo art exhibition. 
Through tremendous creativity and resilience, Jonathon demonstrates that being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence does not necessarily define him as a victim. Through his exceptional creations he is able to transform the darkness of his past into a series of beautiful works that exude positivity. Fortunately for the viewing public, he is more than the sum of his traumatic experiences and is an incredibly skilled artist who wants to share his vision. He uses his talent to exorcise his history with stunning results. While cathartic on a personal level it also offers encouragement for discussion, disclosure and expression for many others who have suffered in silence.

Limited edition printed catalogues listing available works are available on request from Jonathon’s website.

12772069_10208516385170299_794466378385989552_o‘Totem – Peace’ Jonathon Goodfellow © 2015 from the ‘Triptychs [Transition Trauma] To Totems’

COLLABORATION: Berrili Chidzey

Mixed media artist and sculptor Damian Berrili and Ilia Chidzey from Visual Emporium have been collaborating over the last month. Visit Damian’s website to see more of his exquisite work, or Ilia’s page to see more of the collaborations. This is their latest work, KabukiMedusa: east meets west in a fusion of colour and texture.

KabukiMedusa by Damian Berrili and Ilia Chidzey
Stained camphor laurel with mirror, backlit eyes and aluminium detailing