Darren Caswell

Darren Caswell’s work is the product of an incredibly complex mind. Each creation is an exploration that pushes boundaries, concepts and medium. From the title through to the execution of each piece, Darren weaves a gossamer of mystery utilising language, form, line and colour. He explores a plethora of different medium in his creative journey to a secret destination via a previously undiscovered route.

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An interview with Darren Caswell

Darren Caswell is an enigmatic, french polishing artist inspired by 13th floor elevators and Da Vinci (in that order). Creativity oozes from his pores and his humorous exploration of the visual kinks in reality bamboozle and intrigue. Perhaps being currently employed in a coffin factory adds to his oblique view of the world (although I suspect his mind has been a maelstrom of conundrums long before time began). He claims not to know where he was before he existed and denies all knowledge of the future – the tell tale signs of a rational mind. What belies this idea is what happens when you look at his work. You are sucked into a vortex of imagery, dialogue and abstract flow – a combination that predicts the future and dwells on the past simultaneously.

He describes his work as:

An attempt to create a visual representation of the sound a tree would make if it fell down in the forest but there was no one there to hear it…”With this in mind, his fascination with “the relentless infinity of detail” leads to madcap creations using anything from pen on paper, watercolour to plywood blocks. Focussed in his lack of direction, Darren’s work develops through the process – in his words, it is:

An attempt to empty my mind of conscious thought and expectation and follow the image as it evolves. Experimenting with whatever possibilities arise.

Darren rejects accusations of intelligence, however I suspect he’s just being humble – I love Darren’s lucid explanation of the division between art, design and craft:

Like individual colours of the rainbow they are at times distinct in places, merged with each other and all equal parts of a whole. It may be that they are defined by functionality.

And on a final note, I asked him to finish this sentence… Rules are made to…”make life easier for people with no imagination, keep the sleep walkers away from the edge and keep the passengers in their seats.

So how do you define a person who once went to a pizza shop and ordered a pizza for home delivery so he could get a lift home? I don’t think ‘genius’ is too strong a word!