David Warren

Multi award winning David Warren’s colourful textural adventures are rich and dense. Photography cannot do his work justice. The more you look, the more you discover in layer upon layer of intense and provocative imagery. Having exhibited in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, this spectacular artist has only been practicing for the past 10 years. He studied at Brin Jones School of Fine Art and now shares his unique and quirky interpretation of his universe with the viewer.

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About David

From a childhood spent in London listening to the wail of air-raid sirens and wearing gas masks during WWII, David Warren has recently emerged on the Gold Coast art scene. A spritely 80+, his fertile imagination conjures up quirky images of a (not so) secret inner child.

David’s work is textural and dense, using a combination of collage, modelling paste and acrylics. His paintings practically lift themselves from the surface of the canvas inviting you to run your fingers across them and savour the texture and colour. Influenced by the works of Blackman, Dickerson and Bressnan, there is an innocence and naivety to his art, despite the complexity of his techniques. Offbeat characters emerge from the canvas, telling fabulous stories of magic and wonder and it takes many viewings to absorb the content.There is a correlation between David’s vibrant paintings today and his previous work with lead lighting.

Two years at Brin Jones School of Fine Art and a couple of workshops taught David the fundamentals of traditional painting, however, David’s heart lay elsewhere and we are all the richer for it. Always exploring and experimenting, creativity is an adventure and he is never sure where it will take him next. Not one for sticking to the rules, David finds the dynamics of the painting process takes him to new and exciting places each time.

“Mistakes can take you into a whole new dimension and that’s exciting.”

David feels that he is constantly unearthing new ground in his artistic voyage, and fortunately has the companionship and support of his wife Alma of over 30 years (also an exceptional artist in her own right) spurring him on.

His biggest buzz is when people enjoy his work – the satisfaction of knowing they give pleasure urges him to create more. From a career as a remedial therapist, then owner of an antique store, through to artist extraordinaire, David’s many facetted life story is a positive and courageous one – probably the reason why his work radiates joy and humour at every turn.