Dusan Wolczko

Dusan Wolczko’s Slovakian origins are reflected in his intense, brooding and erotic nude studies. His works are passionate explorations that are reminiscent of a time long gone, where exquisite mastery of the form was considered elemental. His engineering background is manifest in his superb perfectionism, however, his intense passion is what draws the viewer to his work. There is an emotive undercurrent that emanates from his work that is incomparable.

Born in Kosice, former Czechoslovakia, Dusan studied both Graphic Design and Structural Engineering in his home town. Torn between his artistic nature and his mathematical interests, he eventually took the path of an engineer, where he found a niche for all his creative and analytical skills. Eventually the political climate in Czechoslovakia became untenable and he escaped an absurd totalitarian regime to live in exile in Spain before coming to Australia with his wife and son in 1991.

His work is exquisite and very hard to come by as his perfectionism means he delegates most of his work to a secret cupboard never to be seen again, despite the pleading of fellow artists. We are very fortunate to have Dusan share a selection of his magnificent work with us on Visual Emporium.

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