Petronella van Leusden

Award winning artist Petronella’s incredibly diverse skill set is a celebration of feeling that encapsulates the essence of beauty and the emotion behind the form that is evoked. Petronella has studied fine art and sculpture extensively both in The Netherlands and Australia and her knowledge and breadth of experience demonstrates itself with her use of depth and form. Her work integrates a three dimensionality where the subject and the environment interact. Her focus is to channel emotions and elicit an emotive response from the viewer through her creative expression. Multi-talented and versatile, Petronella’s work ranges from subtle nuances of tone and texture through to passionate and bold strokes of vibrant colour. She explores her visual vocabulary and pushes it to it’s extremes and tantalises the viewer.

To sum up Petronella’s artistic philosophy the words of Tao Te Ching are appropriate: “It is the space within that gives the vessel it’s function.”

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