exotic contemporary art

Ceramic sculpture incorporating torso with face
Ceramic sculpture about body’s betrayal
Colourful ceramic sculpture by Australian artist
Surreal clay sculpture
Colourful sculpture of body fused with face
Mischievous sculpture of face
Sculpture of female nude torso


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There comes a time when one’s body plays tricks with one’s mind, and you are left with a sinking sense of betrayal. Lured into daring adventures of bravado by a mind that still thinks you’re 10. That wicked mind tells you, it’s fine to climb that tree, an awesome idea to dance naked in the moonlight, and definitely still ok to clamber across balconies to say hello to your neighbour (clothing optional)… sad to say, you have been betrayed yet again… 

Ceramic with enamel detail 23cm x 23cm x 15cm(h)