exotic contemporary art

Ceramic sculpture depicting chronic illness
Ceramic sculpture in earth tones with coloured highlights
Ceramic sculpture of red hand strangling head
Depicting the anguish of chronic pain
Depicting chronic health through sculpture
Ceramic sculpture depicting chronic illness
Chronic pain sculpted


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Chronic illness of any kind has the ability to throttle the strength out of you. It alters the way you think, the way you move, your plans, and even your personality. It is an invisible demon that grabs many of us by the throat. It scares away friends, it invites the black dog of depression in. It freezes the mind, it stealthily creeps into your soul.

I have found the best way to exorcise my particular monsters is to sculpt them… for a few moments I hear the old me calling… 

Ceramic and enamel 16cm x 17cm x 18cm