exotic contemporary art

Insomnia Toad ceramic with many eyes
Amphibian sculpture with iridescent colours
Mysterious swirling colours on ceramic sculpture
Strange contemporary sculpture of toad
Insomnia Toad with colourful details
Exotic and beautiful sculpture of toad

Insomnia Toad

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The Insomnia Toad hops through your sleepless thoughts at 3am... It blinks, it winks, it twists, it turns... The Insomnia Toad is merciless, yet brilliant and dreamlike visions weave through your mind interspersed with a sense of hyper awareness. A myriad of penetrating eyes peer into the future, seeing the unseen - and behold, the answer unfurls before you with greater clarity than you could have imagined... you take a mental note, promising yourself you won't forget.

But sadly as the mesmerising Insomnia Toad hops away with the dawn and you are left with sense of emptiness and loss...and a mindful of dust.

The Insomnia Toad is my muse and my nemesis - if only the cheeky critter would linger long enough for me to scribble my ideas down in the morning?

Glazed ceramic with enamel detail and polychromatic inks.
30cm x 22cm x 26cm