exotic contemporary art

surreal ceramic and copper sculpture
Strange exploding head
demonic face ceramic sculpture
View of resin and colourful pigment inside head
Tongue tied with copper
top of head detached from mouth
Surreal face in ceramic and copper
Exotic copper tube and ceramic sculpture

Tongue Tied

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That moment when you hear something so outrageous and so ridiculous, that your brain implodes and you are completely lost for words. In this day and age, it's hard to avoid moments that leave us completely gobsmacked.

Blame social media, blame misinformation, blame too much information, blame free speech, blame conspiracy theories, blame conservatism, blame liberalism, blame fads, blame tradition, blame ignorance, blame knowledge, blame AI, blame family, blame strangers - it doesn't really matter. It all has the potential to produce the same mind blowing effect when told to the right (wrong) person!

Yes - I speak from personal experience. That's why I have removed myself from most social media. I apologise! My threshold for bullshit appears to be shrinking with age!

This creature is best viewed video - so difficult to capture in a few photos.

Ceramic with copper rod and tube. Resin with polychromatic pigment and enamel details. 25cm x 28cm x 33(h)cm